For the first time, trans women who undergo gender affirmation surgery have a feminine intimate care product designed for their specific needs.

Created by Wunderman Thompson Colombia for LifeCup – the leading brand in menstrual cups and feminine hygiene products for all women – LifeFemT is specifically designed to help with the regeneration, hydration and skin care of the new vulvas for trans women. The transgender process takes years of gender transition, but in some cases, women consolidated their transition with a vaginal plastic female genital reconstruction operation. But having a new vagina requires care specific for each individual, and LifeFemT is an intimate wash that provides cellular nutrition and tissue rehabilitation to help the skin recover and heal better after surgery.

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Every so often a project comes our way which bears particular relevance and weight – and this was certainly one of them

Daniel Payan

Chief Creative Officer, Wunderman Thompson Colombia

The trans women process takes years of gender transition and in some cases they consolidate their gender transition with a vaginoplasty, a female genital reconstruction operation.

The problem is that these vaginas have unique characteristics because they're made using particular tissues and require special care to help them heal and improve their elasticity with therapies. Unfortunately, intimate care is absent for the diversity of trans women in the global market.

Together with the trans community and the most important specialists in gender affirmation, we identified the main ingredients needed for the daily care of these new vaginas. Creating a specialized formula based on a composition of amino acids and lipid complex protects and restructures the skin, providing cellular nutrition, tissue rehabilitation, elasticity and hydration – a perfect balance for daily use by transgender women.

By creating a product like this with a well-known, socially conscious brand like LifeCup, we bring fundamental change, reduce imbalance for a community that deserves functional products, and deliver a message of purpose and inclusion for all.

The trans women community began to change their perception of female brands because finally brands were beginning to take action based on how diverse the word "women" actually is.

We impacted the trans community with our message of inclusion and visibility for a product that did not previously exist in the market. People recognized LifeFemT as a product like no other that provided a natural solution for trans women who've undergone vaginoplasty – positioning LifeCup as a truly inclusive brand.

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