Our Work

St. Louis Children's Hospital

St. Louis Children's Remission Bellboard

How we book through a cluttered category by turning cancer-ward ritual into a state-wide celebration
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Blue sky, with a billboard in the for front with a 3-D bell. Childhood wins another round against cancer.
The Royal Canadian Legion

Royal Canadian Legion Remembrance Island

How we took Remembrance from dusty to digital for millennials a “game-ucational” experience that met them on their turf and terms
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Animated solider with eye patch saluting in front of a field of blurred out poppies.
WT Self Promotion

Wunderman Thompson Isolation Station

How we made the sounds of our office available to our agency while they in isolation at home
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Wooden desk with a plant, Ipad and an Iphone and on the phones screen a shot of the words isolation station

OneSoccer Branding+ Launch

How we kicked off a new over-the-top streaming service by channeling Canadian pride.
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Black background with a shot of a red with black stripped shirt with  One Soccer white circle logo on it.

Mazda Quality

How we drove consideration and sales by reorienting outdated perceptions around quality, dependability and reliability
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Black background with night scene of rain coming down over red Mazda door and the drivers side mirror.

Mazda Head-Turning Billboard

How we delivered and innovative out-of-home experience, by infusing data with media.
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Underground mall, people walking past a Mazda billboard saying # of heads turned so far.

Mazda Covid-19

How we got a company who has built their reputation on the joy of driving to tell Canadians to stay off the roads.
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Night scene in a forest with a yellow road line down the middle of it. One spot of the road is highlighted by light.

HSBC World Emoji Day

How we reminded the world that a little open mindedness can go a long way.
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White background with emojis of various couples. HSBC logo at the bottom. In the middle text "These days, a little open-mindedness can go a long way. Twitter logo underneath.

Hotels.com #Name That Weekend

How we connected with Millennial travelers by making the brand a part of Canadian culture.
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Captain Obvious roasting a marshmallow over a campfire. Background is a desert scene at dusk.
Canadian Premier League

CPL Identity & Launch

How we branded a national sports league from the ground up by making Canadians fans our central focus
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Referee in blue shirt holding the soccer ball. Players behind him and a archway saying CPL

HSBC + Royal Canadian Legion Pay Tribute

How we transformed a nearly century old tradition spurred by the pandemic
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White background, Pay Tribute box containing poppies. Hand in front holding cellphone with the HSBC RCL Pay Tribute App. Words on the box "In honour of those who served. In memory of those who fell.

The Baron Samedi rum brand launch

Get millennial men to #FearNot
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Baron Samedi 01 Intro Hero

Welcome Mat

Dramatizing Canada’s welcoming spirit, by creating the world’s largest welcome mat
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HSBC Welcome Mat placed on green grassland

FIGR Budtender

Budtender app clears the air about where your cannabis comes from.
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Canada WORK Budtender example HERO