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Thai Airways

Destination Menu

Bringing the taste of travel to millions of locked down households
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Friend With (Other) Benefits

Now you can find "Friend With (Other) Benefits" on Tinder
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Wacoal ‘Ready-To-Go Uniforms’ inspire Thai girls to challenge tradition

Wunderman Thompson Bangkok campaign features edgy new uniforms for life in and out of school.
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The Everyday Sponsorships for Heineken 0.0

Can the world’s biggest beer brand officially sponsor the most mundane daily activities?
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Lonely Rambutan

From the sad and lonely shelf to the hearts and minds of Thai people.
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Thai Airways

Thai Airways Stay Home Miles Exchange

During COVID-19, Thai Airways gives people miles for not going anywhere.
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Hair Talk

How a hair story breaks stereotypes and every brand KPI.
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From Mate To Mate

Director sends digital ‘souvenirs’ via analog mail to his mates
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Home is not a boxing ring

Fighting domestic violence the only place violence belongs: the ring
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Tiny Doll #GentleNotWeak

A short film that turns tissue paper into inspiration for bully victims.
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Narcos The Censor's Cut

Sex, Drugs, Violence: Let censorship promote it for us
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