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And you, What is your Smartbox?

Smartbox allows everyone to give a unique and personalized gift to their loved ones.
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Smartbox Parents WT France
Estee Lauder

15 Seconds

Every 15 seconds, somewhere in the world a woman is diagnosed with breast cancer
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Collage of mobile phone screens related to Estee Lauder campaign for Breast Cancer Day

Emergency Bikes

A custom-built vehicle designed to help emergency responders move faster
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Emergency Bikes In the dark nude

Love to Fly

When free is not enough
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VietJet Air - “Fly around Asia and hunt for the 1kg golden aircraft” campaign

Every Day Again Every Day Regenerate

Bepanthol Dry Skin / WhatsApp Project - How we helped grow the business
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WT Case Cover Dry Skin
UN Women


How we lit the dark using fireflies to draw attention to violence against women in public spaces.
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WT Case Cover UN Women
Associação Mutualista Montepio

180th Anniversary Campaign

Together we are Future
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Associação Mutualista Montepio
Ahli United Bank


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A still from Ahli United Bank’s Al-Hassad TVC, which shows a seventies American muscle car driving in the middle an empty road, of what looks to be the Nevada desert
Saudi Telecom Company


Unveiling a whole culture, its history, food, traditions across a multitude of channels.
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A photo of ‘Jabal El Soda’, one of the many never seen before majestic sights in Saudi Arabia with the logo that represents both the first Arabic letter of the initiative’s name and the geo location tag
Burger King

Burger Kinj

Burger King
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Burger King introduced a new letter to the alphabet and replaced their Arabic logo to solve a major linguistic challenge

The Mantra

A film made of sweat to launch the new Avon long-lasting makeup line
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Frames divulgacao Mantra Vitoria1


The virtual stage for up-and-coming artists.
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IMG 0195

The Envied

We’ve got EE, everyone else #networkenvy
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Help Us Stay Open

We needed to raise one million pounds for London Zoo.
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