Inventing the world's first premium carsharing platform

Establishment of an integrated concept for the groundbreaking car sharing service
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Drive Now
GSK (GlaxoSmithKline)

Pfizer to GSK Websites Migration

How to rebrand 100+ Pfizer websites fast
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Koupena GSK

Boss It

Helping people take control of business and Boss it.
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Sage sb030 PR stills 00000122 1024x576
The Adecco Group

Adecco Marketing Operations Centers

How to centralize project management, services, and asset production for local market delivery
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Volvo car rear view

Search Engine Optimization

How we increased Volvo's organic traffic by 1280%
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A photo of ‘Jabal El Soda’, one of the many never seen before majestic sights in Saudi Arabia with the logo that represents both the first Arabic letter of the initiative’s name and the geo location tag
Saudi Telecom Company


Unveiling a whole culture, its history, food, traditions across a multitude of channels.
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Burger King introduced a new letter to the alphabet and replaced their Arabic logo to solve a major linguistic challenge
Burger King
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Burjer Kinj

Burger King
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MARINES Graduation Ceremony 2320 R1
United States Marine Corps

Battle to Belong

The Marines Bring the Battle to Connected Loneliness of Gen Z
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NZ Wellington WORK Partners Life Evince Work station 01 HERO

Life insurance for the future

Simplifying the life insurance process.
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Folk Wunderman Thompson WORK The Shared Network
An Post

The Shared Network

The world’s first mobile network, created for the homeless.
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Folk Wunderman Thompson WORK Address Point v2
An Post
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Address Point

The first initiative to provide a fixed address for those without a home.
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1 Vodafone Everyone In v2 JWT FOLK
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Team Of Us - Everyone In

We all play a role in supporting the Irish rugby team. Everyone's in!
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2 Female Tribes JWT FOLK
Folk Wunderman Thompson

Female Tribes

The largest global study on modern women, brought to Ireland for the first time
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4 Safefood It Takes A Hero JWT FOLK

It takes a hero to be the bad guy

Parents occupy duel roles – sometimes they’re heroes to their kids, other times…
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