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Laboratory Genera

Invisible Connections

Laboratory Genera show how much mother and adoptive child can have in common genetically
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Genera Dia Das Maes 154s ONLINE 20210506 00 00 44 08 Still023
Sony Music Argentina & INCUCAI

Through Your Eyes

A unique mobile experience to inspire corneal transplant donations
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man with his hand in front of his face
Organización de las Naciones Unidas para la Alimentación y la Agricultura (FAO)

The Endless Recipe

Eliminating food waste where many meals are born
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showing cook in the kitchen

The Leap

Bunged up? There's a remedy for that.
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The Leap Frame

The Hidden Pandemic

Vodafone Ireland Foundation & Women’s Aid raise awareness of the domestic abuse pandemic with a powerful campaign
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Domestic abuse the hidden pandemic folkwt
Estee Lauder

15 Seconds

Every 15 seconds, somewhere in the world a woman is diagnosed with breast cancer
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15 Seconds final

Emergency Bikes

A custom-built vehicle designed to help emergency responders move faster and save lives
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Emergency Bikes In the dark nude
Saudi Telecom Company


Unveiling a whole culture, its history, food, traditions across a multitude of channels.
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A photo of ‘Jabal El Soda’, one of the many never seen before majestic sights in Saudi Arabia with the logo that represents both the first Arabic letter of the initiative’s name and the geo location tag
Burger King

Burger Kinj

Burger King
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Burger King introduced a new letter to the alphabet and replaced their Arabic logo to solve a major linguistic challenge

KRAFT ‘super-stretchy’ mozzarella cheese

Stretcheeeese! - How hot mozzarella cheese took over Japan
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STRETCHY & delicious mozzarella cheese thumnail
Tunisie Telecom

The Uncovered

Tunisie Telecom harnessed the power of mobile to help bring about social change in Tunisia.
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old woman with headscarf


Unblocking a new audience, the fun way.
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Taipei Blood Center

Blood Beacon

The Blood Beacon: When the icon flips, it's time to donate.
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Taiwan work Blood Beacon
St. Louis Children's Hospital

St. Louis Children's Remission Bellboard

How we broke through a cluttered category by turning a cancer-ward ritual into a state-wide celebration
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Blue sky, with a billboard in the for front with a 3-D bell. Childhood wins another round against cancer.