WT Talks Health 20210804

Driving Change in the World of Healthcare

Join Matt Pritchard and Becky Chidester in conversation as they discuss digital transformation within healthcare organizations and bringing a modern marketing approach to pharma, where getting close to the customer, managing intelligent risk taking, understanding the value of a brand, and working in an agile manner amidst complex regulations come into play.

This WT Talk features:

Matt Pritchard, US Digital Programs Lead, AstraZeneca

Becky Chidester, CEO, Wunderman Thompson Health

All of us are consumers at heart. Even if you’re a patient, physician, or a specialist, you’re no longer comparing AstraZeneca to other pharma companies, you’re comparing it to Amazon, or Uber or to those other experiences you have. So, the bar is much higher now.

Matt Pritchard

US Digital Programs Lead, AstraZeneca

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