Future100 V5

This session of WT Talks, the Wunderman Thompson Intelligence team explores a world in which we play and work in both the metaverse and on a regenerative planet. The dominant trends of the Future 100: 2022 report are defined by an optimistic outlook across 10 sectors, spanning culture, tech, beauty and more. Watch this snapshot of the year ahead and learn how trends will shape the role of brands in 2022 and beyond.

Presented by:
Emma Chiu, Global Director, WT Intelligence

MayYee Chen, APAC Director, WT Intelligence

Marie Stafford, Global Director, WT Intelligence

Emily Safian-Demers, Senior Trends Analyst, WT Intelligence

This year ushers in a resolute positivity that encourages playfulness and creativity. Brands and marketers are eager to provide joy in people’s lives by creating euphoric ads as they too ride the optimist wave.

Emma Chiu

Global Director, Wunderman Thompson Intelligence

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