WT Talks Into The Metaverse

An Acceleration of Digital Habits Is Paving the Way for New Business Opportunities.

The metaverse is all around us, in the news, on social, in print—every news source is talking about it. There’s no escaping its reach, even Facebook has laid claim to it by adopting Meta. Despite it swirling about, do brands really understand this new virtual world and how it will impact their businesses?

In this episode WT Talks: What Is the Metaverse?, Wunderman Thompson Intelligence Global Director Emma Chiu and Senior Trends Analyst Emily Safian-Demers set out to define the metaverse and underpin exactly what it means for brands.

With the launch of its “Into the Metaverse” report, Wunderman Thompson is the first agency to explore this new paradigm and make the case for brands being a part of it. From digital possessions and NFTs to travelportation and new digital societies, the younger generation is (and will continue) spending a significant part of their lives online. Understanding the metaverse is essential for brands in order to connect with them—or risk becoming irrelevant.

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