The web3 ecosystem represents almost limitless new opportunities for forward-thinking brands.

The metaverse allows you to harness the power of a burgeoning network of immersive 3D worlds to engage your consumers in entirely new ways. Meanwhile blockchain technology enables you to store and broker an almost infinite array of new digital assets such as NFTs or virtual goods.

Almost anything is possible within the web3 environment. Brands exploring this frontier of marketing need a guide. That’s why we created POSSIBLE Worldwide.

As experts in the end-to-end customer experience, we have all the necessary capabilities to help you succeed in the web3 space. We’ve developed an approach to help you experiment, execute and grow in this burgeoning new sector.

POSSIBLE Worldwide has been specially created to give you a deep understanding of what the metaverse is, provide actionable insights into the challenges and opportunities faced by your brand in your sector and then stretch to expert concept and delivery.

As the first agency to launch its own metaverse, Wunderman Thompson is a web3 pioneer. We’ve helped the world’s biggest brands develop web3 strategies, take their first step into the metaverse and experiment with NFTs. We remain at the forefront research, intelligence and thought-leadership into the metaverse and blockchain technologies.

If you’re looking to the web3 future. Look no further than Wunderman Thompson and POSSIBLE Worldwide.


Discussion of what a meaningful presence is to your brand and business. Defining the metaverse as well as the key technologies that make up the landscape.

A bespoke sector insight that can help ascertain your position amongst your competitors, as well as determine your next step.

We help you build a web3 and/or Metaverse strategy for your brand, covering Extended Realities, Virtual Worlds, Blockchain and NFTs. Think of it as a workshop with all the right people in the room.

We build experiences using resources both internally, within WPP and with our approved list of specialist partners. This is also bolstered by our research into the leading platforms.

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