Wunderman Thompson UK is proud to have been named as one of The Independent and Business Reporter’s ‘Best of British’ businesses. This award honours the companies who have been achieving growth and demonstrating excellence and - through their enterprise and expertise - are making a positive contribution, helping other companies to grow and driving the economy forward.

To be named as a Best of British Business reflects that, as an agency, we understand more than most where brands are struggling in today’s complex business landscape. At Wunderman Thompson we believe that this is down to a lack of integration. By focusing on building a consistent message across all marketing channels and taking a whole brand view, you’ll be setting your business up for success both now and in the future.

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We help brands become whole by offering a truly integrated service

At Wunderman Thompson UK, we help brands become more whole by offering a truly integrated service that can work with your brand across everything from creative, data, CRM, experience, consulting, production, technology, commerce and social, all under one roof. This gives us a unique way of thinking about a brand, its place in a customer’s life and wider society, to create holistic and effective marketing communications with measurable results that drive growth.

With this unique view, we understand where brands are struggling, whether that’s when attracting new customers, launching new products or increasing sales. We believe that brands need greater integration across all aspects of their experience to stop them becoming fractured, fragmented and confused, and engage in ‘whole brand thinking’.

By thinking about the whole of your brand and how your brand story translates across every channel, a bespoke ‘whole brand blueprint’ can open a marketer’s eyes to where the inconsistencies and fractures lie. We look at what it would take for that brand to become more whole across each touchpoint, offering improvements and measuring the effectiveness of marketing activity and return on investment.


Inclusion’s Next Wave

Meaningful and authentic action on inclusion is now a brand imperative. A grassroots push from historically marginalised communities is aligning with rising employee activism and consumer expectations. With 66% of people agreeing they are more inclined to buy from companies who speak out on issues of equality and inclusion, it’s an area you can’t afford to ignore.

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New Realities: Into the Metaverse and Beyond

How much do you know about the metaverse? If the answer is ‘not enough’, then we’re here to help. With consumer excitement exploding, the opportunities for your brand to invest in virtual worlds are practically limitless. But it can be hard to separate the passing fads from activity with meaningful staying power

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Does your brand inspire your customers? Brands face immense challenges to grow in today’s society. However, against a backdrop of uncertainty, our Inspiring Growth study unearths the power of inspiration as a strategy for growth, presenting your brand with a significant opportunity not to be missed.

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