In this report, we looked at how COVID-19 is changing the face of retail and consumer behaviours, and just how enduring we can expect the changes to be.

We asked 2,000 UK consumers their views across a variety of subjects, including digital spend, physical shopping, and their new perceptions of retailers and institutions.

The results were unequivocal and compelling, and prove that the Covid-19 pandemic is accelerating the appetite for digital, and forcing businesses to re-think how they sell and fulfil their products.

Download the report to learn:

  • How consumer habits are changing for good
  • What this means for future shopping
  • What consumers want as their new normal
  • Who were the winners & losers during lockdown
  • Who consumers intend to purchase more with
  • What’s scaring consumers today and why
  • What lockdown has meant for our relationship with tech

Download the report!

Our findings offer further proof that consumers are increasingly becoming loyal to service rather than to brand. However inadequate the language might be for the current circumstances, the destructive toll of the COVID-19 outbreak is inevitably creating winners and losers.

Hugh Fletcher

Global Marketing Director

Online shopping set to account for over half of all spending

Consumers' habits have changed for good

Free delivery a key factor in online success

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