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Inspiring  growth by accelerating the transformation of brands and business with technology, design and data.

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We are the global consulting partner for organizations who want to build the future. We help our clients define innovative business models and support them through execution. We are also able to leverage the wider Wunderman Thompson capabilities, from creativity to data and technology, to ensure we deliver profitable growth for our clients.

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Consulting Solutions

We define and build end-to-end “NewCos” or value propositions born out of customers’ expectations, leveraging current assets, technology and data.

We determine the market opportunity and potential customer base through in-depth market analysis before creating the business plan and defining a detailed roadmap. We then capture the opportunity through execution.

We determine what has to be done in each layer of the organisation to take the current business to the next level.

We focus on optimizing businesses for the digital world by identifying new opportunities through research and co-creation. These are prioritized based on the business impact, customer desirability and strategic fit and then are structured into a detailed roadmap in preparation for execution.

We undertake rapid diagnosis, focusing on quick wins and mobilizing the organisation in preparation for a full capability assessment.

We complete a detailed as-is assessment, identifying improvement areas and new opportunities, before developing a revitalized operating model, identifying capability gaps and supporting with the transition process.

Consulting 工作

Burger King

Burjer Kinj

Burger King
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The Shared Network

The world’s first mobile network, created for the homeless.
Folk Wunderman Thompson WORK The Shared Network

Consulting Insights

The B2 B Future Shopper Report HERO

The B2B Future Shopper Report

New research offers unique insight into B2B purchasing and the effect of COVID-19
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The Future 100: 2.0.20

The 25 trends shaping culture, behavior and brands
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Consulting 新闻

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Time to Reset

Advertising will lead the way in building back better. Mel Edwards, Global CEO, shares five things that can change the future for good.
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Why poor data governance could be a director’s undoing

Olivia Hawkins and Alex Steer interviewed on Open Data Institute podcast.
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Finding Value in the 2020 Reset

The agency/client relationship means more than ever.
News Sept24 2020 Victoria and Christina
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Christina Mallon and Victoria Cole awarded in this years' HERoes.

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