2020 made the already-existing digital divide even worse - and while Best Buy had several I&D initiatives in progress, they needed an authentic way to bring them all together while seamlessly integrating I&D into how they work. More than a campaign; a new way of doing business.


“More of this” celebrates the way that tech, in the hands of more people, can be used to make a difference. It’s a comprehensive I&D platform that helps Best Buy communicate and demonstrate its commitment to representation, recognition and access to both employees and the communities they serve.


While 79% of people believe tech can be used to do amazing things, they are less optimistic about tech companies. Only 34% of people believe tech companies care about their impact on society. Tech retailer Best Buy saw this as an opportunity to humanize an increasingly cold and digitized tech landscape to become the most human voice in technology.


• Celebrated 20 I&D events.

• Donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to causes and scholarships.

• Expanded Teen Tech Center locations.

• Committed to measurable, inclusive hiring practices and commitments.

• Amplified the work of several up-and-coming creators.

• Featured young Black entrepreneurs on

• Increased diversity in stock photography and ensured photographers from underrepresented communities retained their image rights with the Take Stock project.

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2022 Minneapolis Advertising Federation "The Show" Awards

2022 Minneapolis Advertising Federation "The Show" Awards