In 2020, mobile operators spent millions stretching 5G muscles in ads that look like we jumped to the year 2550. For everyday people, who mainly use the internet to game, stream and chill, 5G was looking more complicated. How can STC 5G remain top of mind without confusing the audience even more?


People with questions on 5G naturally went to Google for answers. We realized that there were a lot of common queries that arose from our competitors’ 5G campaigns. And most of the answers on


Instead of campaigning, stc started edutaining. We partnered with Google to gather insights and pull-out data about people’s queries on 5G. STC analyzed these queries and answered them in the most simplified and easy to understand way with Sohaib, the Kingdom’s funniest comedian. From there on, each person that went on Google and asked a question about 5G was added to a list, and the next time this person logged in to YouTube, he was shown a video addressing exactly the query he searched for.


We had reacted to their questions, and they reacted even more to our videos. We reached 3 million unique users with more than 6million views across all videos. View through rate was 22% with view ability of 94% well above benchmark. Finally, we’ve noticed a 150% increase in branded STC 5G search queries. And that’s how the Saudi Telecom stole the 5G show.

STC Did you get 5 G

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