The Royal Canadian Legion has been selling lapel pin poppies as an act of Remembrance and part of a fundraising campaign in support of Canadian veterans and their families since 1921.

On this the 100th anniversary of the poppy, we needed to mark the occasion in a fitting tribute to this Canadian icon.


As time passes the names of the fallen run the risk of being forgotten. NFTs however, (in addition to being quite popular) have the unique ability to preserve important data through their encryption on the blockchain. They also allow for residual sales to go back to the maker with every sale and resale making them an invaluable fundraising platform.


We created a series of 100 purchasable NFTs called “The Immortal Poppy” which are 3D replicas of real poppies picked from the iconic “Flanders Fields” in Belgium – the birthplace of this enduring icon. Each NFT poppy has the names of all 118k fallen Canadian soldiers digitally engraved on its petals as well as a virtual cenotaph.


The Immortal Poppy NFTs generated 30k in sales during the campaign period. And was featured on Bloomberg BNN, as well as National news outlets such as CTV, Financial Times, Toronto Star and Yahoo Finance, generating millions of earned media impressions for the campaign. But more importantly, we forever enshrined the names of every fallen soldier so future generations will never forget them.

Immortal Poppy V3
10 IM Poppy Thomas Welch

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