Coke wanted to build closer ties to the black community in Brazil, which has the largest black population outside the African Continent. How could Coca-Cola talk about the brand's new ‘Real Magic’ campaign and establish a closer relationship with black audiences, who are deprived of many things in Brazilian culture?


54% of the Brazilian population identifies as black or mixed, but historically mostly white people are the protagonists of love stories in Brazil’s entertainment industry, with black people vastly underrepresented, as if they weren’t able to love or to feel. The conclusion: Racism has taken many rights away from blacks – even the universal right to love.

After the black community revolutionized many areas of society in Brazil, it was time for a revolution in love, too. Coca-Cola, a brand that inspires optimism, delivered it in a different way.


We recognized black culture's value and merit, and decided to celebrate it through a new perspective: LOVE.

Our Coca-Cola Love Bottle kits featured bottles with a fabric inside that’s illustrated by black artists and represents love stories of other black Brazilian artists, with the kits sent to other influential creators to celebrate black love through their music and fans. Coke’s Love Bottles were a giant tribute at the biggest festival of black culture in the world – AfroPunk, which for the first time happened in Brazil.


The campaign achieved 54% more impressions than the previous Coke sponsorship (MTV MIAW-24.6MM vs. 16MM), 216K views and 83K engagement, with thousands of hearts, likes and stories about the artists on social media and the Love Bottles becoming a vehicle for black people to celebrate their love for partners, families and friends.

It was also loved by AfroPunk, who posted on their Brazilian and Global pages, reaching an international audience and raising Coca-Cola's visibility during the best moments of the festival, with 700% more engagement on social media, +18MM people celebrating black culture, +75% organic interactions and 234 articled published.

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