To deliver a world-class digital experience that reflects the unique and extraordinary Selfridges story. We also needed to help Selfridges understand the barriers to delivering exceptional brand perception and the emotional bond that results in loyalty.


Through a detailed assessment of the Selfridges customer experience that focused on both the digital and in-store experience, and utilized in-depth customer research, competitor analysis, stakeholder requirements and qualitative user testing, we identified precise CX problems and specific opportunities for signature moments that are uniquely Selfridges. This informed new strategies for experience improvement and clear actions for implementation.


We created an online experience that exceeds customer needs and encompasses the unique Selfridges spirit, delivering an extraordinary destination where culture and commerce collide.


Optimisation tests identified improvements to the site worth in excess in of £1.4 million in uplifted annualised revenue. Launched in February 2020, the new site aligns with the core objectives of increased revenue and improved NPS scores.

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