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Vicious Circle

HSBC and Shelter address vicious circle of banking when homeless


  • HSBC


  • London


HSBC is stepping up to provide financial services to people experiencing homelessness who are locked out of the banking system by raising awareness of its No Fixed Address Service.


In partnership with Shelter, Vicious Circle is a hard-hitting new campaign devised by Wunderman Thompson that seeks to break the cycle of disenfranchising people with no fixed abode, who often struggle to open a bank account, gain a job or access benefits.


The piece documents a disoriented woman who is rebuffed repeatedly by employers, bank clerks and government agencies, all for lack of a home address.

As this plays out, an incessant monotone chant of “No home? No address. No address? No bank account. No bank account? No job. No job? No home...” plays in a loop, highlighting the frustrations of a system that lacks the flexibility to adapt to individual circumstances.

The revolving nightmare only comes to a rest with a voiceover announcing that HSBC is working with charities such as Shelter to provide bank accounts for people experiencing homelessness.

HSBC Vicious Circle
Woman in distress in front of a yellow door
Man behind glass imitating a bank cashier

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