Modern parents are helping grow the baby tech category and this year’s edition of CES displays the burgeoning demand. From maternity belly bands to silent breast pumps, this segment is becoming increasingly sophisticated, meticulously crafted and slickly designed, shedding the clinical and bulky looks from yesteryear.

JWT Owlet Band 03
JWT Owlet Band 02
JWT Owlet Band 01
Owlet Band

Health tech startup, Owlet Baby Care debuted the Owlet Band to “give parents a glimpse inside the womb all in the comfort of their own home.” The band wraps the mother’s stomach in a soft, thin fabric that houses sensors to track the fetal heart rate, kick count and give real-time insight from the second and third trimester. “This product could be a game-changer in determining the wellness of a fetus,” says Jeff Humpherys, Owlet’s chief data scientist in a statement. The Owlet Band will be available for consumer purchase later in 2019.

Miku Device
Miku Baby Monitor

The demand for smart connected baby monitors are on the rise, according to research company Technavio. With the market expected to see $119 million incremental growth between 2019 and 2023, it’s no wonder the competition for better, more accurate baby monitors that visually blend in with the interior furnishings are drawing attention at CES this year. One of the Best of Baby Tech Award Winners this year includes the Miku baby monitor, which uses AI SensorFusion technology to track the baby’s breathing, sleep and movement even in total darkness. Parents can get a little more peace of mind and perhaps a few more minutes of shut-eye knowing Miku is keeping a close watch on their baby.

JWT Elvie Pump front and back
Elvie Pump
JWT Willow 2
Willow 2.0
JWT Willow 15
Willow 2.0 app

Smart breast pumps made a lot of noise at CES a couple of years ago and this year we see more contenders and product refinement. Technology company Elvie launched “the world’s first silent wearable breast pump” in September and has won the Best of Baby Tech award at CES this year. The compact Elvie Pump fits inside a nursing bra allowing mothers to express milk inconspicuously while on the go. Willow, another smart breast pump that made headlines when it launched in 2017, continues to make upgrades and released Willow 2.0 at CES. “The next generation of Willow gets moms pumping faster, which means moms can get back to living their fullest lives faster,” said Naomi Kelman, CEO of Willow in a release. Both the Elvie Pump and Willow 2.0 are priced at $499 and currently taking pre-orders.

The global baby care market proves to be fruitful, it was valued at $87.14 billion in 2017 and expected to reach $108.04 billion by 2024, according to a study by Zion Market Research. This year’s BabyTech Summit lends its smart tech to connected parents willing to shell out for a more nimble, stress-free and seamless parenthood.

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