The Innovation Group is excited to announce Glass, a pop-up magazine that brings insight about the future of women to life with a future-facing spin.

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Glass magazine front and back cover

Created by J. Walter Thompson in partnership with Getty Images, Glass is a timely response to the fast-changing lives, tastes and lifestyles of women today and the conversation around what this will mean for brands, advertisers and businesses. Glass is supported by visual trend insights and imagery curated from Getty Images.

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The 116-page magazine includes:

– Full-length features on the future of “women’s interest” media, and changing definitions of luxury for the female consumer

– Photo essays on the emerging visual language of femininity, and the turn toward “unreality” and the fantastical in visual culture

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– Interviews with successful women including Miki Agrawal of Thinx, J. Walter Thompson CEO Tamara Ingram, and Getty Images CEO Dawn Airey

– Viewpoint essays from relationship expert Esther Perel, bestselling author Rebecca Traiser, agender writer and activist Tyler Ford, and others

– Features exploring the latest in solo female travel, dating apps, and beauty

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Glass is the first half of a two-part project by the Innovation Group. The second half, “Women, Next,” is an insight report based on extensive research aimed at brands and businesses, offering an in-depth look at cultural, economic, and behavioral changes among women globally.

Click here to download Glass.

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